New Opportunities

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are pleased to offer the opportunity for your company to expand its business activities and to create conditions for the European products to reach consumers of the vast , high-potential Chinese Market .

Company EUROUNICO Ltd. in partnership with Chineses consultants works hard to distribute and promote the European goods on the Chinese market.

Because of cultural differences and uniqueness of the Chinese market , each exporter could face a number of challenges and risks that are difficult to be foresee and avoid .

In this case we offer our assistance and hope that our experience will accelerate the process of positioning on the market and creates conditions for reducing the risk .

We can assist you in following areas:

1. Making a market research for a product
2. To assist in the registration and maintenance of the trade mark for the Chinese market
3. To perform product registration in Customs
4. Advise you to create the most appropriate and most effective advertising strategy
5. We’ll help to establish communication with Chinese partners and place your products in retail and wholesale markets .
6. We propose possibility for distribution in over 35 online stores .
7. We offer opportunity to participate in major exhibitions in China, specialized for your products, with its own boot, as well as by our representatives .
8. We offer the opportunity for your products to access free trade zones in China

We hope that we can help you and highly appreciate your attention: